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Mician is a leading developer of EDA software tools for passive microwave components, horn antennas and feed networks. Our µWave Wizard products combine the flexibility of 2D/3D FEM with the speed and accuracy of traditional Mode Matching techniques. The benefit of using Mode Matching lies in its ability to perform and combine sub-circuit type full wave simulations, in conjunction with full parameterization of structural geometries for use with our built-in optimizers. The fast, easy composition of complex RF structures using basic building blocks eliminates the need for creating a full-up 3D model of the entire structure and speeds up the development process enormously, thereby significantly reducing cycle time. In addition to its fast and powerful numerical methods, µWave Wizard tools offer an appealing and ergonomic GUI that enables flexibility and openness including CAD export formats interfacing with most mechanical design tools. For more information please visit


The Microwave Vision Group offers cutting-edge technologies for the visualisation of electromagnetic waves. Enhancing the speed and accuracy of wireless connectivity testing, as well as the performance and reliability of anechoic and EMC technologies, our systems are integral to meeting the testing challenges of a fully connected world.


Wave Up can provide highly qualified solutions on a wide range of electromagnetic problems, taking advantage of the strong background of its members.
The company is one of the main actors in the development of planar antennas based on Metasurface technology, with major applications in the fields of Telecommunications, Defense and Space. Metasurface antennas have low profile and reduced weight, great flexibility in polarization and beam shape control, low losses and reduced fabrication complexity.
Wave Up’s focus is on both static and reconfigurable Metasurface antennas with technical solutions that can be customized for each scenario.